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The Scottish Kingdom Cattery provides Scottish Folds, Scottish Straights and Blue Eyed British Cats with new homes.

About Scottish Folds & Straights

While there are many beautiful cats, the Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats are in a class of their own. The hallmark of a Scottish Fold cat is its folded ears. With large, dramatic eyes and short snout, Scottish Fold cat’s faces resembles an owl. Equally at endearing, the Scottish Straight has pointed ears instead of folded ears.  These cats have soft, plush fur and can be both short and longhaired. They are often said to resemble teddy bears and puppies.

About Blue Eyed British Cats

The British Blue Eyed Cat’s history goes back to the Rome’s invasion of Great Britain! This breed is one of the longest running breeds of English cat, originating as a barn cat.  At one time, Blue Eyed British Cats were superior hunters and protected many barns from various prey. Now, this cat has effortlessly adjusted to family life and all the many comforts that brings – including lots of naps and affection from its owners!

Our Cats

See the beautiful dams and sires and find out if any of their kids are currently looking for a new home

Learn About The Owner – Olga

Olga’s journey into owning Scottish Kingdom all began with her own Marquis, a Scottish Fold. She knew when she found him that she had found the cat of her dreams.  With soft, plush fur and big, adorable eyes, Marquis is almost like a teddy bear to the touch.

Our Beautiful Cats

Scottish and British cats are some of the most unique and beautiful family pets.

Happy Scottish Cat Owner

“Both our new kittens are beautiful, friendly and such well adjusted members of the family.  Truly the sweetest temperaments and absolutely stealing everyone’s hearts.    Thank you Olga for the simple process to transition these kittens into our home!   I will send everyone your way!”
- Debra Edward


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